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P.G Diploma in Automotive Embedded Systems

Basic Eligibility

B.E./B.Tech Computer / Electronics / Electrical / C.S, M.Sc. Electronics, MCA

Course Fees

Course fees are 60,000 Rs. Fees can be paid in three installments


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Automotive Systems Overview

Automotive Vehicle Technology, Overview of Vehicle Categories, Various Vehicle Sub Systems like Chassis, Body, Driveline, Engine, Fuel, Emission, Brakes, Suspension, ,Emission, Brakes, Suspension, Doors, Safety & Security , Comfort & Multimedia, Communication & Lighting, Future Trends in Automotive Embedded Systems : Drive by Wire, Autopilot, Robotics

Automotive Sensory System

Automotive Sensors and Transducers: Temperature, Force, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2),Carbon Monoxide (CO),Oxygen ( O2 )Sensor, LAMBDA Sensor, Proximity Distance Sensors, Speed,Engine Knock Sensor, Resistive Potentiometer & Flow. Typical Sensors Specifications & Microcontroller Interface Considerations, Sensor Calibration

Automotive Embedded System Design

Concept to Market : Understanding Automotive Product Design Cycle Building Blocks of Automotive Electronic Product : Actuators , Sensors ,Semiconductor Components , Devices (MOSFET, JFET,SCR,BJT), Integrated Circuits (ICs), SMD Components and Packages , PCBs etc., Electric Motors & Driving Techniques : Stepper Motors , DC Motor , BLDC, PM Motor etc. Printed Circuit Board Concepts for Thermal, Reliability, EMI/EMC, Noise & Enclosure Selection

Automotive Protocols

The need for Protocol , Intra processor Communication Protocols : I2C & I2S, SPI , RS485 MODBUS & USB, Introduction to Automotive Protocols : LIN, CAN, KWP2000 , J1850 & J1939 FlexRay & MOST Design, Test, Calibration and Diagnostics tools for networking of electronic systems like ECU Software and Testing Tools , ECU Calibration Tools ,Diagnostic and Bus Monitoring Tools, Vehicle Network Simulation. Advanced Trends in Automotive Electronics: AUTOSAR Architecture, Infotainment & Multimedia, Power line Bus Communication.

ECU Software Development

Microcontroller Architecture : MSP430 , HCS12 , 32 Bit ARM LPC2148 & Cortex M3 Architecture .Automotive Grade Microcontrollers like ATMega164P , AT32UC3C2512C , Safety Critical Microcontrollers like Hercules TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Series, Microcontrollers with Built in CAN Interface , CAN Tran receivers Start-up and Power ON Reset Sequence , Boot loaders ,Brown Out Detection, WDC ,LPM. Introduction to Software Development Tools : Keil MDK, Win ARM, TI Code Composer Studio And Atmel AVR Studio 6.0 Version Control Systems: Tortoise SVN, Coding Standards and Guidelines: MISHRA C & AuroSar

Verification and Validation

The Validation and Verification ( V & V )Process , Introduction to NI Lab VIEW for Automotive V & V. Test Categories like Functional Test , Black Box Test , Boundary level Test & Test Case Development , Reliability and Certifications Tests: EMI / EMC Tests as per IEC 1000-3, IEC 1000-4 & IEC 1000-5 standard, Environmental Test, Vibration Tests, Protection against Dust, Water Ingress and IP Standards Vehicle Diagnostic Interface like ODB , ODB - II , Documentation Techniques & Templates

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